2016 - 2017 COMMITTEES 



                    Me'Lani L. Joseph                   BAMIT Admissions Chair


Admissions Committee

The purpose of the Admissions Committee is to work in coordination with the MIT Office of Admissions to develop and execute a strategy to reach out to all admitted Black students during the early and regular admissions cycles. Our liaison is Chase Weldon, Assistant Director of Admissions.

The current members of the Admissions Committee include: Me’lani Joseph (Chair), Elaine Harris



Etienne Toussaint
BAMIT Communication Chair


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee exists to oversee the development, production and coordination of all external communication of relevant information to BAMIT membership and valued partners. The purpose of the Communications Committee is to:

  1. Support the purpose and mission of BAMIT through strategic external communications goals and objectives;
  2. Develop and sustain BAMIT’s unique brand and industry leadership with BAMIT’s membership and external audience;
  3. Promote BAMIT’s vision of empowering the next generation Black leaders, innovators, and dreamers at MIT and beyond;
  4. Maximize all BAMIT communications channels to expand BAMIT’s membership and external audience.

The current members of the Communications Committee include: Etienne Toussaint (Chair), Nelly Rosario, Quinnton Harris, and Elaine Harris



Michael Dixon
BAMIT Governance Chair


Governance Committee 

The purpose of the Governance Committee is to act as the keeper of the conduct of operations for the board, to effectively support BAMIT’s mission and to provide oversight of its constituent parts. The mission of the Governance Committee is to work behind the scenes, providing systems and formulating policies that make all other actions of the board work with hospitability, security and effectiveness.

The current members of the Governance Committee include: Michael Dixon (Chair)



                        Rosita Parker                         BAMIT Membership Chair


Membership Committee 

As BAMIT is a “membership-driven” organization, it is the responsibility of the Membership Committee to connect with and engage the black community: alumni, current students, faculty, and staff of MIT. More specifically, purpose of this committee shall be to:  

  1. maintain the membership list and prepare and distribute a membership roster at least once a year;
  2. oversee the development of the annual membership drive including the collection of dues; and
  3. develop and maintain a long-range plan for increasing and maintaining participation from all eligible sectors of the MIT alumni/ae body and others eligible for membership. 

The current members of the Membership Committee include: Rosita Parker (Chair), Courtney Weldon



Gerald Baron
BAMIT Outreach & Engagement Chair


Outreach & Engagement Committee

The purpose of the Outreach & Engagement Committee is to:

  1. Improve the overall well-being of Black MIT students by serving as a bridge between students and BAMIT to help them address the pressures and stresses of Black life at MIT and provide perspectives of life after MIT;
  2. Investigate avenues of outreach and engagement that will improve the Black experience at MIT; and
  3. Serve as a unifying force across MIT Black student organizations, Institute offices supporting Black students, and Black faculty.

The current members of the Outreach & Engagement Committee include: Gerry Baron (Chair)



Margeaux Randolph
BAMIT Programming Chair


Programming Committee 

The purpose of the Programming Committee is to develop national events and programs in-line with the mission of BAMIT. BAMIT has a commitment to enhancing the strength of the black community via programs that take place on the MIT campus, within regional chapters, or within communities across the world that support the organization’s mission.

The current members of the Programming Committee include: Margeaux Randolph (Chair), Michelle Harton, Marc Graham, Sam Nixon



Berdell Knowles
BAMIT Fundraising Chair


Resource Development and Fundraising Committee 

The purpose of the Resource Development and Fundraising Committee is to develop and implement fundraising initiatives to support BAMIT programming and organizational sustainability.

The current members of the Resource Development and Fundraising Committee include: Berdell Knowles, Jr. (Chair), Margeaux Randolph, Angie Chatman, K'Andrea Bickerstaff, Emerson Yearwood, Al Tervalon



Al Tervalon
BAMIT Nominations Chair


Nominations Committee 

The purpose of this committee shall be to:  

  1. Identify a slate of candidates to be presented for election for all open Officer and Board positions;
  2. oversee the production and mailing of the ballot to the general membership;
  3. conduct the election including the distribution of ballots and the announcement of election results; and
  4. take responsibility for the production of a final report of election results that  is mailed to membership.  

This Committee is responsible for the identification and recruitment of new BAMIT volunteers who can be added to various committees.  This committee is also responsible for managing all processes related to the identification and nomination of Black alumni, dues-paying members of the organization, officers, volunteers, Advisory Committee members, and other BAMIT friends and affiliates to any international, national, regional, state, local, or MIT committees, Boards, appointments, search committees, policy-making bodies, et al.  

The current members of the Nominations Committee include: Al Tervalon (Chair)