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We are driving change.

BAMIT and Accenture are proud to partner on a unique referral program to attract, retain and advance the next generation of diverse business and technology leaders from the MIT community.

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We are committed.

We are committed to leading the movement for increased diversity and inclusion at MIT and across America. In 2015, we delivered the "BAMIT Platform for Diversity and the Black Experience at MIT" to the MIT Administration as part of our Advocacy efforts.

Recently, we created the Outreach and Engagement Committee to ensure that we hear, support, and most importantly, stand in solidarity with our students, faculty and staff at the Institute. Additionally, our Admissions Committee continues to partner with the MIT Admissions Office by calling potential freshman and building the kinds of relationships that ensure lasting success.

Looking ahead, BAMIT plans to continue to take an active role in shaping the lives of the Black community at the Institute and in the world at large. We have worked tirelessly to foster critical relationships with key groups and administrative offices at MIT, and we are just getting started. Change at MIT is on the way. Change in the Bay Area, in Chicago, in Baton Rouge, in Minnesota, in New York, in Ohio, and in Texas is on the way.

We will not give up on America. Let's join our minds, boldly raise our fists, and get our problem-solving skills in formation!





BAMIT Members support our annual programming and initiatives through their membership dues and tax-deductible donations.

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We welcome donations from all members of our community. Your donation to our 501(c)3 organization is tax-deductible and supports our mission and vision.

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We value the support of corporate sponsors and strategic partners who help us coordinate large scale events and initiatives for big impact.

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We will build a better country for everyone.

We have bold ideas and a vision for the future. We are committed to stronger and more personalized partnerships with our constituent groups on campus. We will harness the talents and voice of our membership to expand our reach and impact. We will promote innovate programming that meets the needs of our membership. Finally, we will build upon the infrastructure of our organization and continue to raise the standard of BAMIT to remain leaders in our field.


It is so important for companies and institutions of higher education to make an earnest commitment to go beyond the letter of the law and to make diversity not just a buzzword for their public relations programs.
— Coretta Scott King, Keynote Address at MIT, 1994