BAMIT History

Our history is evolving.

The Blacks at MIT History Project examines the role and experiences of Black students, staff, faculty, and administrators at MIT since its founding in 1861. The initiative exists to inspire prospective leaders by sharing the history of the Black MIT community, curate unique information about the Black MIT experience, and publish these materials in educational environments.

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Student members

Our students take action.

Black students at MIT work together to promote positive social interactions between students, faculty, and alumni. Through a rich network of students organizations and institute initiatives, we celebrate our unique heritage, inspire collective action, and support the academic success of every student on campus. Some of our organizations include:



Alumni members

Our alumni are innovators and leaders in their fields.

Black MIT Alumni are leaders in a wide array of industries and fields. Some of the organizations that we are helping to build and grow include: 


Achieving racial equity and justice is one of the world’s greatest challenges. Those who protested today are asking us to take on that challenge. To listen, to reflect, to collaborate and to act.
— MIT President Rafael Reif