We are fostering an inclusive environment for shared learning. 

We are a vibrant collective of diverse, creative, and mission-driven MIT alumni who are dedicated to empowering the next generation of diverse leaders and change agents. Our mission is to support the professional and personal development of the Black community at MIT - with a special focus on the recruitment, development and successful graduation of Black undergraduate and graduate students - and to amplify the voice of all Black alumni who are committed to leadership, innovation, and positive social transformation. We will never stop marching for justice.




We are mobilizing a passionate community of diverse innovators.

As an alumni network, BAMIT enjoys a strong presence in all regions of the United States with a growing membership organized by local chapters. We host local alumni events, coordinate regional mixers, plan substantive educational programs, and organize an annual leadership conference at MIT, all geared toward empowering the Black alumni of MIT and their surrounding communities.

Through our email newsletter and digital publications, we share empowering stories and inspiring initiatives from the Black MIT community, both on and off campus. Our growing network provides our family with access to exclusive networking and professional development events, engagement with an intimate collective of high-achieving Black professionals, unique community service and mentoring opportunities across the country, and selected leadership development programs.  

Our corporate sponsors and community sponsors support our rich programming and bold initiatives at MIT and beyond. Together, we impact diversity, inclusion, social justice, and a plethora of other important issues pertinent to Black communities across America. We are committed to leadership and devoted to change.




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Michelle Harton


Holly M. Carter
Board Member

Michael Dixon
Governance Chair


Marc Graham
Board Member


Gerald Baron

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Courtney Weldon
Board Member

Etienne Toussaint
Communication Chair

Me'Lani L. Joseph  Admissions Chair

Margeaux Randolph.png

Margeaux Randolph
Programming Chair


Rosita Parker       Membership Chair

Berdell Knowles Jr.png

Berdell Knowles
Fundraising Chair

Jamila Smith-Dell
Board Member

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K'Andrea Bickerstaff  

Robert Love.png

             Robert Love              Advocacy Chair


Sandra Brown
Board Member

Al Tervalon
Nominations Chair


Nelly Rosario
BAMIT E-News Editor


Never underestimate the power of dreams & the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.
— Wilma Rudolph, American Olympic Gold Medalist